Brothers, Songwriters, Producers; Mon Frère




Matthew and Paul Lennox, aka Mon Frère, are two brothers, songwriters and producers from Brighton, UK.
Each Mon Frère track features vocals from exceptionally talented singers and artists in their own right; for more information on the singers, please visit the 'Featured Vocalists' page. 
Mon Frère released their first album 'Urban Glow' in 2015.  Since then, they have been honing and progressing their sound which the duo have come to describe as 'Post Pop'.  Their aim is to write "exciting electro pop tracks but with a twist; be that lush orchestral elements, progressive harmony or rhythms, or avant-garde nuances... there is something in the music for everyone".
The duo have been enjoying the success of a bespoke 3-track EP called 'Moiety', created for all British Airways, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airlines' in flight entertainment throughout the summer of 2018.  They have also had a lot of support and radio play from the BBC and are developing a fan base on an international basis.  They will be continually releasing singles from now on which will eventually be compiled onto an album in 2019. 
Mon Frère will soon be announcing a collaboration with a charity which they are partnering with to promote a new single which deals with the subject of mental health - something both brothers are deeply passionate about.

Mon Frere - as featured in issue 12 of Audiation Magazine: